Choosing an Approach for Dietary Assessment

This section of the Web site provides our current recommendations for choosing a dietary assessment approach in research settings requiring group-level estimates, with particular emphasis on minimizing measurement error.

This section includes three interrelated parts:

  • A brief overview of the principles that underlie our recommendations.
  • A table that summarizes recommended approaches to dietary assessment using one or more self-report instruments. This table indicates which approaches we recommend for capturing dietary intake data for different research objectives, given the current evidence.
  • Details of recommendations and further considerations, which expands upon the recommendations within the table and discusses key issues related to choosing a dietary assessment approach for particular research objectives and types of studies. This information covers both data capture and data analysis. In cases in which evidence to support specific recommendations is lacking, important considerations are noted. Some key research needs also are highlighted.

This section of the Primer contains numerous links to other sections, including the Instrument Profiles, Key Concepts, Learn More, and the Glossary. Links with dashed underlines will show you terms from the Glossary. Links with solid underlines will take you to other sections of the Primer.